For the past several years, I’ve been casually documenting the Church Grounds at the Albany Rural Cemetery on the blog and, more seriously, as part of a book on the history of the Cemetery. As the book nears completion, it has become clear that the history Church Grounds and the State Street Burying Grounds is a stand-alone project. It is in an often-overlooked part of Albany’s past and one of the few remaining tangible connections to our 18th and early 19th century history. The goal now is to research the State Street Burying Grounds (as well as related early graveyards such as the original Dutch Reformed churchyard and smaller burial places such as the Hallenbeek burial ground) with the ultimate goal of a published history.

Research and documentation is not inexpensive. Computer equipment (including portable scanners and storage media), archive expensive (photocopying, photo reproduction and permission fees), travel costs, research materials (including books or other publications not readily available in libraries) add up very quickly, but are necessary to such a project. The goal set is a conservative estimate based on expenses incurred the ongoing research for the Albany Rural Cemetery book project

Thank you so much for your interest and support for history.

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