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Featured Gravestone – Lewis Newman

DSC02650Section:  Episcopal

Material:  White marble

Small stone is darkening and fairly eroded.  Parts of the inscription are illegible.  A large crack divides the stone in two halves diagonally.

Inscription:  In Memory of Lewis Newman who died November 25, 1826 aged 46 years, 11 months, and 11 days.  Friends nor physicians could not save This mortal body from the grave Nor can the grave confine it here When Jesus calls it must appear.

The inscription was copied from the burial card on file with the Cemetery as the actual stone has become difficult to decipher.  The damage is by no means the worse suffered by headstones in this section.


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Featured Gravestone – Aletia Cunningham



Section:  Episcopal

Material:  White marble

Stone has a simple, deep incised border.  Some obvious breakage at the lower portion which affects the epitaph.  Typical darkening of the stone.

Inscription:  Sacred to the memory of Aletia Cunningham consort of Andrew Cunningham who died Sept. 7th, 1818 age 49 year 1 month and 7 days.  Hers was the female heart the manly mind Where wisdom wit & genius join’d were sanctified By Piety By Faith Beneficence & Charity.  From Youth to age the path of peace she trod and now in peace eternal rests. 

Census records show an Andrew Cunningham residing in Watervliet as of 1810.  As noted above, breakage is affecting the otherwise very legible inscription, but the text was transcribed on the burial card on file in the Cemetery office.  The majority of breakage appears to have occurred before the transcription was made as several letters are indicating only by dashes on the card and these correspond to the broken portions.


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Featured Gravestone – Agnes Bogart

274Section:  Dutch Reformed

Material:  Brown sandstone

Stone has some patches of moss or lichen and some darkening of stone, but inscription is generally legible.  Some chipping at the bottom.

Inscription:  In Memory of Agnes Bogart Daughter of Barent & Alida Bogart who departed this life 16th Dec 1818 aged 43 years 2 months and 8 days.  Mourn not for me beloved friends Nor Shrink at Death’s alarm It is but the voice that Jesus sends To bring us to his arms.

Agnes’ name appears as Agnietje in some records.  Her father, Barent, served in the Albany militia during the Revolution and as the city constable according to the 1790 census.  Her sister Alida passed away in 1815 at the age of twenty-seven.  Another sister, Cornelia, had died in 1806 at the age of twenty-five.  Cemetery records indicate that the latter is also interred in the Church Grounds.  Additional genealogical details on the family can be found here.

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Featured Gravestone – Paul Clark

255Section:  Dutch Reformed

Material:  White marble

A simple stone in relatively good condition with no major chipping or breakage.  Stone is darkened, but inscription is very legible.  Some minor lichen patches.

Inscription:  In memory of Paul Clark who departed this life March 28th, 1831, aged 66 Years.

Paul Clark was the owner of a tavern at what is now the intersection of Madison Avenue and Lark Street (once called Clark’s Corner).  He was also well known for his interest in horticulture.  With the demolition of the last remnants of the Clark Tavern in recent months, Paul Clark has been the subject of several blogs:

Albany NY History – The Clark Tavern

Albany Daily Photo – Under Clark’s Corner

Don Rittner – Whatever Happened To Paul Clark’s Corner?

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