Links & Resources

Below are links to additional information on the Albany Rural Cemetery and other resources relevant to the history of the Church Grounds.

Maps of the Church Grounds

Location of the Church Grounds

Albany Rural Cemetery

Albany Rural Cemetery on Twitter

Friends of the Albany Rural Cemetery (Consider joining as this group publishes a newsletter with excellent articles on the Cemetery’s history)

Albany Rural Cemetery on Wikipedia

An Epic City of The Dead – Times Union special feature on the Albany Rural Cemetery

Albany Rural Cemetery – Beyond The Graves – a Facebook page

Fieldstone Burial Markers In The Upper Mid-Atlantic Colonies

Burying The Dead In Early Albany

Hoxsie! – Burying A Pauper

Hoxsie! – The Dutch Church Burying Yard

History Graver’s Pen

The Old Woman of St. Mary’s Park – from a 1931 Albany newspaper article profiling the widow of a cemetery caretaker

Albany Rural Cemetery – History In Photos

Bike Paths of Albany Rural Cemetery (The maps here are a handy guide to the Cemetery, even for the non-bicyclist)

The People of Colonial Albany (a fascinating social history project documenting the lives of early Albany residents)

Washington Park Conservancy

Troy Irish Genealogy – includes a transcription of names recorded by the Common Council when the State Street Burying Grounds were removed.  The list does not included interments in the Church Grounds after the transfer.

Other cemetery resources:

The Association For Gravestone Studies

The Cemetery Club

Save A Grave

An excellent guide to cemetery terms, monument styles, etc.

Friends of the Evangelical Protestant Cemetery

In addition to Albany Rural Cemetery – History In Photos, I also post the following blogs:

Albany (NY) Daily Photo

Albany History


Friends of Albany History

Garden Alley Media – a central site for my various projects

The Albany History Page

You can follow me on Twitter where I tweet updates to this and my other local interest blogs.

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