cgmap2Excerpt of a 1912 maps of the Church Grounds (Section 49) showing the placement of the various churches and other lots within the section.  Individual graves within the lots are not numbered plots and many do not have headstones.  Specific headstones can only be located by examining the rows within each section, though many are not legible.

Aside from the removal of the Western Lodge which stood at the southeast corner of the Grounds nearest to the lot for St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, the layout of the Grounds has not substantially changed since this map was printed.  The portion of the map below shows the Grounds in relation to neighboring sections and to Beth Emmeth Cemetery.


A current map of the Albany Rural Cemetery can be downloaded and printed from the link below.  The Church Grounds is Section 49 and can be reached by either the South Ridge or North Ridge.  A portion of the Middle Ridge Road, normally the most direct route to the Grounds, suffered damage from a falling tree and related undermining of the pavement and is not open to cars at this time.  Also see this post, Locating The Church Grounds.

2013 Albany Rural Cemetery Map

The Cemetery has also made a number of historic maps available at their site.

Albany Rural Cemetery Maps

This small map shows the the State Street Burying Grounds overlaid on a recent map of Washington Park:


Also, this map shows a similar overlay via Albany Archives on Facebook.


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  3. CKP

    First I’ve seen the Church Grounds map – very nice!

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