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Featured Gravestone – Mary and Pamelia Pells

DSC04846Section:  Garretson Methodist Episcopal Church

Material:  White marbl

A double stone, there is a complete diagonal break beginning at the top between the two halves and continuing downward through Mary’s half of the stone.   Upper part of Mary’s section is also partly embedded in the earth.  Stone has darkening from exposure, but text is generally legible.

Inscription:  In Memory of Pamelia C. Pells who died Sept. 30 1831 aged 2 years 2 months.  In Memory of Mary J. Pells who died Oct 1, 1831 aged 9 months.  Gone is the flowers sweet buds of early spring Thy ruthless Death cold finger rudely press’d Yet ah grim tyrant pointless is thy sting They fading fell to ripen with the blest.  Parents to you this cheering hope is given They sank to Earth to freshly bloom in Heaven.

The stone makes no mention of the parents’ names, however, burial records show an Ebenezer Pells, age twenty-six, also buried in this lot.  He died approximately seven months after these two little girls and the epitaph from his widow is written in a similar tone to that of these children making it possible that he was the father of Pamelia and Mary.

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The Book of Burials – At Papskinee

The 1722 Book of Burials lists those buried at Papskinee, meaning Papscanee Island on the east side of the Hudson River.  The exact location of this burial ground is now lost, but it is believed to have been in the vicinity of Teller’s Point and the Port of Rensselaer.  It is not to be confused with the Staats burial ground which still exists on private property nearby.  Papscanee is now accessible as a nature preserve.

See The Book of Burials master post for further details on the list.

The Book of Burials – At Papskinee

Gerret B. Van den Bergh’s child was buried at Papskinee (November 14, 1725)
Mattys Van de Bergh’s child buried at Papsknee (June 21, 1729)
Johs Schoonmaker’s child was buried at Papsknie (August 13, 1729)
Johannis Schoonmaker was buried at Papsknee (May 8, 1730)
Thomas Witbeck buried at Papsknee (May 6, 1731)
Hendrick Bries’ son was buried at Papsknee (January 25, 1732)
Gerrit C. Van Den Bergh’s child was buried at Papsknee (February 1, 1732)
Hendrick Bries’ child was buried at Papsknee (April 6, 1732)
Johs Van Vechten was buried at Papsknee (June 23, 1734
Cornelis Van Beuren’s little son was buried at Papsknee (October 27, 1735)
Gerrit Teunisse Van Vechten’s child was buried at Papsknee (August 19, 1740)
Barent Van Beuren’s child was buried at Papsknee (September 30, 1740)
Melchert A. Van Deusen was buried at Papsknee (January 6, 1742)
Johs Van Vechten was buried Papsknee (July 15, 1742)
Jacob Schermerhorn Jr was buried at Papsknee (June 20, 1743)
Barent Van Ceuren’s wife was buried at Paspknee (August 11, 1743)
Child of Willem Van Buren, at Papsknee (March 10, 1751)
Willem Van Beuren, at Papsknee (August 17, 1752)
Catie Witbeck, at Papsknee (September 30, 1752)
Hendrick Bries, at Papsknee (September 22, 1753)
Abram To’s Witbeck’s wife, at Papsknee (March 28, 1755)

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