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Featured Gravestone – Augustus Winfield Thayer

DSC04397Section:  Baptist

Material:  White marble

A very simple rectangular slab with the upper left corner broken and darkening of surface.   Inscription is legible.

Inscription:   Died July 14th, 1840 Augustus Winfield Son of Isaac & Mary Thayer aged 7 years 8 months & 12 days. When blooming youth is snatched away By death’s relentless hand Our hearts the mournful tribute pay Which pity must demand.

The Albany Argus carried the sad details of the boy’s accidental death:

Shocking Accident – A child of 6 or 7 years of age, the son of Mr. Isaac Thayer, deputy sheriff, was killed almost instantly yesterday afternoon at the turner’s shop of Mr. Stevens, in Howard Street.  The lad was at play in the shop, when by some means he removed the support to some heavy timber, which fell and crushed him in a most shocking manner.  He was taken up alive, but died in a few minutes.

A subsequent death notice also mentions that he was the Thayer’s youngest son and that the timber fell from a lathe.  His funeral was held at his parents’ house at 64 Howard Street.  The site of his death was the shop of Peter D. Stevens at 50 Howard Street.


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Featured Gravestone – Carl Rosche

DSC03856Section:  Baptist

Material:  White Marble

A small stone with severe damage.  Upper third has broken off, the carved lamb is eroded and there is much wear to the edges.  The inscription is eroding, but partly legible.

Inscription:  Carl Rosche geb 15 Dec. 1855 gest 14 Juli 1857

Census records show several Rosch(e) households listed in both Albany and nearby Watervliet, though no child by this name is listed.  This photo at Find A Grave illustrates how quickly this stone has eroded in just a few years.

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Feature Gravestone – Samuel Graham

DSC03857Section:  Baptist

Material:  White marble

A very plain stone with significant erosion, wear and darkening.  Name is extremely difficult to read in person and the rest of the inscription is almost completely illegible.

The Common Council’s inventory (copied from the stones at the time of the removal) notes that Graham was a native of Drumlough, Rathfreland, County Down, Ireland and that he died at the age of forty.  No dates are listed, but a legal notice appear in the Argus and states that a Jane Graham had made application to the surrogate’s court to probate the last will and testament of Samuel Graham in September 1845.  It does not state whether Jane was his wife, daughter, or sister.  In 1841, there is a very brief mention (also in the Arugs) of a “conviction affirmed” in Samuel Graham vs. The People, but no further details are given.  He may also be the Samuel Graham who was robbed of cash by a boy named Dennis in 1843.

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Featured Gravestone – Sarah Carls

029Section:  see below

Material:  White marble

Inscription:  In Memory of Sarah, Wife of John D. Carls, Died March 13, 1845 in the 29th year of her Age.  A faithful wife, a loving mother, A Christian true this stone does cover.  Patient in suffering, strong in love, Dead to this world, but lives above.  And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me write blessed are the dead with die in the Lord, henceforth, yea, saith the spirit, that they may rest from their labours and their work do follow them.

Misc.:  A large, simple stone with only minor chipping.  Surface is heavily discolored, but inscription is generally legible (and transcribed on the burial index card at the Cemetery office).  Lower portion is partly embedded in the ground.

The Common Council inventory lists Sarah Carls as originally buried in the Baptist section of the State Street Burying Grounds.  However, the burial card on file at the Cemetery office lists Garretson Station Methodist Episcopal.   The 1855 census shows John D. Carls as an iron worker living in Albany’s 10th Ward with a second wife (unfortunately only identified as “Mrs. J.D.”) and the following children:  Emma (age 8), John (age 4), and Charles (age 1).  A Lydia Green, age 20, is also listed with the Carls, possibly a servant.  None of the children listed is old enough to have been Sarah’s child.  Since the stone refers to her as a mother, it is very possible that she had a child who died sometime between 1845 and 1855.

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Featured Gravestone – The Children of Moses Tyler

Section:  Baptist

Material:  White marble

Misc.:  A simple stone with some wear and chipping to the edges, as well as the usual darkening.  Legible text, last lines appear slightly slanted.

Inscription:  Joseph died Oct. 17, 1829, ages 3 years, 1 Mo. and 20 days, Martha Jane died Feb’y 3, 1835, aged 7 weeks, Moses Bruce died December 18, 1838, aged 4 mos and 21 days.  Children of Moses and Abigail Tyler.

Moses B. Tyler was a manufactures of stoneware, primarily the blue-trimmed buff-colored ceramic goods which were used for everything from brandy jugs to inkwell.s  He moved from Massachusetts to Albany in the early 1820s, setting up an establishment on Washington Avenue.  He formed a partnership for some years with a Charles Dillon, who would later partner with Jacob Henry.  Tyler retired from the business around 1840.  Examples of his work can be found in museum collections, including the Albany Institute of History and Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The Common Council’s inventory for this gravestone mistakenly transcribed the second date as February 9.

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