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A Cherub


Although very weathered, this little sandstone cherub in the Episcopal section of the Church Grounds is a wonderful find.  Full-length figures angels on headstones in this section are quite rare (see the Ann Brown angel for another example) as winged faces were a more common depiction of cherubs or soul effigies.  This carving features a naked cherub with flowing hair in the stone’s tympanum.  The finials, too, have eroded and it’s difficult to say just what the original design was.  Unfortunately, due to the soft nature of this reddish-brown sandstone, the inscription on the stones tablet has eroded so much that only a few words (or parts of words) can be read now, such as “wife.”  There is not enough of the inscription left to match the stone with the burial records on file with the Cemetery office or with the list of inscriptions compiled by the Albany Common Council before this stone was removed from the State Street Burying Grounds.


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Featured Grave – Ann Brown

DSC02700Section:  Saint Peter’s Episcopal

Material:  White marble

Darkened stone with generally legible inscription, minor wear to edges, and some erosion to decorative carvings.  Features an angel with a trumpet carved in a fairly primitive style.  Lower edge is uneven, probably broken when it was removed from the municipal burial ground.

Inscription:  In Memory of Ann Brown Wife of Nathaniel Brown who departed this life July 21st, 1815 Aged 27 years, 2 months, & 17 days.  While On This Earth I did remain Was filled with sorrow, grief & pain Adieu to friends & foes likewise My journey is beyond the skies.

There is no record of her husband being buried in the Rural Cemetery.  The Browns may not have been residents of Albany as Nathaniel does not appear on the census records for Albany around the general time of his wife’s death.  There were several men by that name in the surrounding area, including Rensselaer County.


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