The Book of Burials – In The English Church

The Book of Burials also contains the names of individuals who were, for reasons not stated, buried at the English and Dutch churches, but included in the Dutch Reformed Church’s burial records.

 The English church was St. Peter’s Episcopal which, at the time, stood in the center of State Street near Lodge Street.  Its graveyard was on the north side of the church.

Dongan Charter  250 anniversary parade  float  July 1936  albany ny  1930s

Above:  A parade float commemorating the 250th anniversary of the Dongan Charter includes a miniature of St. Peter’s below Fort Frederick.  A little graveyard can be seen beside it.  Image from Albany…The Way It Was on flickr.


See The Book of Burials master post for addition details on the list.

In The English Church

Jannetie Dunbar (February 22, 1723)
Edward Holland’s wife (March 26, 1723)
George Hipkins [?] (July 26, 1737)
Dominie Berly (November 7, 1742)
Mr. Cateris’s child (October 5, 1745)
Child of Mr Kartryt (July 31, 1749)
Isaac Fryer (August 3, 1755)

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