The Book of Burials – In The Church

The Book of Burials contains a number of individuals who are listed as being buried “in the church,” most likely meaning their coffins were laid directly beneath the church floor.  This practice was not uncommon in parts of Europe and colonial New York.   The first person on this list is Susana Brat (Susanna Dircks Bradt) whose grandson, Barent Brat, was the clerk of the church who kept this Book of Burials.  Susana was placed in the church on May 8, 1722; the next burial in the church occurred in 1729 with the interment of Anna Brat.  It was then another seventeen years before another person was buried in the church;  it is possible that, by 1746, room was no longer available in the vault below the church.  As with the vault burials, these would have been removed when the church was demolished and brought to either the burial ground at the Second Reformed Church or its vault.

See The Book of Burials master post for further details on the list.

The Book of Burials – In The Church

Susana Brat (May 8, 1722)
Anna Brat was buried in the church by Rut Van Woert (September 13, 1729)
John Schuyler jr, in the church (November 7, 1746)
Gerritie Roseboom, in the church (November 23, 1746)
Wife of Johs Van Rensselaer, in the church (February 23, 1747)
Johs Schuyler, in the church (March 2, 1747)
Abraham Cuyler, in the church (July 15, 1747)
Little son of Mr Catries, in the church (July 18, 1747)
Wife of Meyndert Schuyler, in the church (July 24, 1747)
Child of V P Douw, in the church (August 4, 1747)
Madame Margarita Collans, in the church (May 16, 1748)
Lydia Van Vechte, in the church (August 29, 1748)
Child of John R Bleecker, in the church (February 9, 1750)
Son of James Stevenson, in the church (April 29, 1750)
Wife of Johs de Peyster, in the church (September 16, 1750)
Elbert Gerrits, in the church (November 18, 1750)
Nicolaes Bleecker, in the church (January 4, 1751)
Dirck Ten Broeck, in the church (January 7, 1751)
Child of John R Bleecker, in the church (November 12, 1751)
Elsie Cuyler, in the church (July 2, 1752)
Antony Coster, in the church (February 6, 1753)
Edward Collins, in our church (March 29, 1753)
Elisabeth Corlaer, in the church (January 13, 1754)
Luyckas J Wyngart, in the church (December 7, 1754)
Jannetie Gelen, in the church (January 27, 1755)
Child of Volkert P Douw, in the church (July 26, 1755)
Myndert Schuyler, in the church (October 21, 1755)
Cristina Cuyler, in the church (November 20, 1755)
Elisabeth Brat, in the church (January 2, 1756)
Willem Nicolaes, in the church (March 18, 1756)
Rutger Bleecker, in the church (August 5, 1756)
Madame Van Driesen, in the church (August 10, 1756)
Elisabeth Koster, in the church (May 3, 1756)

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