Feature Gravestone – Samuel Graham

DSC03857Section:  Baptist

Material:  White marble

A very plain stone with significant erosion, wear and darkening.  Name is extremely difficult to read in person and the rest of the inscription is almost completely illegible.

The Common Council’s inventory (copied from the stones at the time of the removal) notes that Graham was a native of Drumlough, Rathfreland, County Down, Ireland and that he died at the age of forty.  No dates are listed, but a legal notice appear in the Argus and states that a Jane Graham had made application to the surrogate’s court to probate the last will and testament of Samuel Graham in September 1845.  It does not state whether Jane was his wife, daughter, or sister.  In 1841, there is a very brief mention (also in the Arugs) of a “conviction affirmed” in Samuel Graham vs. The People, but no further details are given.  He may also be the Samuel Graham who was robbed of cash by a boy named Dennis in 1843.

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