Featured Gravestone – Gertrude Lush

294Section:  Dutch Reformed

Material:  Sandstone

Plain stone with large section flaked away near base, chipping around edges and finials, and some darkening.  Inscription is generally quite legible near the top of the stone, but worn towards the the left side and the lower portion.

Inscription:  Here Lies The Body of Gertrude Lush (illegible) April 1788 Died (illegible) June 1789 Aged One Year Two Months and Three Days.

Gertrude Lush was the daughter of Albany attorney Stephen Lush and granddaughter of Dr. Samuel Stringer who is considered Albany’s first trained physician.  She was also the great-granddaughter of David and Gertrude Vanderheyden.  A later daughter of Stephen Lush and his wife, Lydia Stringer, was also named Gertrude and married Robert James, a son of wealthy Albany merchant William James.

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