Featured Gravestone – Donald McDonald

137Section:  Third Presbyterian Church

Material:  White marble

A small stone with a very stylized willow and urn motif.  Uneven darkening of the stone with some streaking and erosion of carving.  Lettering below the tablet is more difficult to read that the lettering within the tablet.

Inscription:  In memory of Donald McDonald from the Shire of Inverness Scotland Died Jan. 29 1824 Aged 76 y 3 m.  Peace to the ashes & the virtuous mind of him who lived in peace with all mankind.

Census records show a Donald McDonald residing in Albany as early as 1790 and, according to genealogical records, McDonald had at least one child – a daughter who married a Paul Cushman around 1802. The Common Council inventory of State Street Burying Ground interments also lists a Frances Stubbs (died June 15, 1815 at the age of forty-seven) as the wife of one Donald McDonald and an Elizabeth as a daughter of Frances and Donald. She died July 1, 1800 at the age of two. However, their listings could refer to a different Donald McDonald as Elizabeth is noted as being “of the city of London, England” at a time when the McDonald interred here was already a resident of Albany.

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