Featured Gravestone – Margaret Livingston

068Section:  United Presbyerian

Material:  White marble

Small stone with a carved border of what appears to be raspberry vines.  Stone is darkened and embedded in the grass, but visible portions are legible.

Inscription:  Margaret Livingston Died May 16, 1858 Aged 7 years 10 months and 9 days.  Erected by her father Peter Livingston.

According to census records, Margaret was mostly likely the daughter of Peter, a farmer in New Scotland, and his wife, Mary.   She is listed as one of six children in the household in 1850.

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  1. patricia ullrich

    according to the 1860 census Margaret the daughter of peter Livingston from new Scotland Margaret was 11 yrs old. I believe she was the daughter of peter and sarah Livingston from coeymans and he was a quarry worker

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