Featured Gravestone – John Scudder

DSC03173Section:  St. Peter’s Episcopal

Material:  White marble

Darkened stone with a very simple design.  Some wear and chipping to edges, as well as a broken lower corner.  Inscription is legible.

Inscription:  In memory of John Scudder, M.D. who died January 4th, 1843 in the 36th year of his age.

Various genealogical sources indicate that Dr. Scudder was likely related to the Scudders who served as missionaries in Asia over several generations.  His age makes it impossible that he was the Dr. Scudder who proposed a museum in Albany in 1809.  He might have been the same Doctor Scudder, “oculist and inserter of artificial human eyes” who advertised his “Eye Water” as an “infallible remedy” for “inflammation and weakness of the eyes” in the Albany Evening Journal.

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