Featured Gravestone – Isaac Mazyck

DSC02684Section:  St. Peter’s Episcopal

Material:  White marble

Lark rectangular stone with darkening. Some erosion of inscription, but still fairly legible. Bottom edge is broken immediately below the inscription, probably at time of transfer with later breakage to bottom corners.  Incised wavy lines decorate the upper portion.

Inscription:  Sacred to the memory of Isaac Mazyck, Esq. Late of South Carolina He departed this life in the City of Albany on the 11th of October, 1806 in the 40th year of his age.  On a journey for the benefit of his health.

Isaac Mazyck was a member of a prominent Huguenot family from the French Santee of South Carolina.  There are several men named Isaac in the family, but little biographical information is readily available about this individual.


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