As previously mentioned at the bottom of this post about the Altar Monument in Saint Agnes Roman Catholic Cemetery (adjacent to the Albany Rural Cemetery), there is at least one headstone at Saint Agnes that originated from the State Street Burying Grounds and was most likely misplaced here instead of the Church Grounds.

This small, plain marble headstone is propped against the back of a monument in Saint Agnes.  The inscription reads:  David D. Winne Son of Daniel  D. & Maryann Winne Died April 31st, 1832 Aged 2 years, 1 month and 19 days.  Also Rachel Ann Winne Daughter of Daniel D. & Maryanne Winne died December 9th, 1839 Aged 1 year 2 months & 9 days.

(The first date listed on the stone is obviously an error as there is no such date as April 31.)


This stone is listed in the Common Council’s inventory of graves in the Reformed Dutch section of the State Street Burying Grounds.  When the stones and graves were removed to make way for the creation of Washington Park, this stone would have been destined for transfer to the corresponding section of the Church Grounds.  However, for reasons unknown, it now rests against an apparently unrelated headstone (that of Adolph Bridge who died in 1844) in Saint Agnes Cemetery.  One of the two Dutch Reformed sections of the State Street Burying Grounds lay across from the Catholic section divided by a path which ran east to west through the Burying Grounds.  This close proximity of the two sections may be a possible explanation for the misplacement of this stone during the mass removal of graves (assuming the Winne children were buried in the southeast Reformed Dutch section and not the northwest one).

There are a number of Winnes listed in the Rural Cemetery’s burial card file and in the Common Council inventory of the old Burying Grounds.  There are several Daniel Winnes listed, but none of the dates correspond.  The 1844 city directory lists him as a dealer in drygoods at 95 Market Street with a residence at 287 Washington Avenue.  Burial cards for graves in the Church Grounds are almost entirely copied from the inscriptions and thus young David and Rachel do not appear in the file.


Below:  Front view of the graves of Adolph and Mary Bridge in Saint Agnes Cemetery.  The corner of the Winne stone can be seen in the space between them.


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  1. Dave Fisher

    Thanks for posting this. I have Bogart ancestors who were buried in the dutch section of the old church burying grounds and am curious to know what the ‘Common Council inventory of the State Street Burying Grounds’ is and how I can access that information. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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