Featured Gravestone – Maria Scott


Section:  Garretson Station Methodist Episcopal

Material:  White marble

Stone has overall darkening, but minimal damage to visible portion.  Lower edge is embedded in the soil.  Inscription is legible except for buried part.  Design includes tassels on the finials and drapery framing a rose.

Inscription:  In memory of Maria Scott Daughter of Uri and Abiah Scott Who departed this life Feb. 2nd, 1827 Aged 25 years 1 month & 10 days.  How peaceful is the closing scene When virtue yields its breath How sweetly beams the smile serene Upon the cheek of death.  The Christian’s hope no fear can blight No pain her peace destroy.  She views beyond the realms of light A pure & boundless joy.

This stone a single rose framed by tassels and  drapery instead of the more common urn or willow.  About two years before Maria’s death, a notice appeared in the Albany Argus offering for sale a farm previously occupied by Uri Scott in Greenbush, Rensselaer County.  Additional information on the family is scarce.

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