Featured Gravestone – Mary Hosford

DSC02663Section:  Episcopal

Material:  White marble

Simple white stone with usual darkening and legible inscription.

Inscription:  In Memory of Mrs. Mary Hosford wife of Harley Hosford who departed this life 3rd March 1815 aged 23 years 1 month & 12 days.  Not lost but gone before.

Mary Adams was the wife of Harley Hosford, a maker of musical instruments.  Hosford, a native of Connecticut, died in Havana in 1822 at the age of thirty-one.  The couple had at least one son, Aaron, who was born in Albany in early 1815 and died in 1840.  A clarinet made by him is in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and can be viewed on-line.

The History of the American Pianoforte by Daniel Spillane has a brief entry on Hosford:

“Harley Hosford, musical instrument-maker, 97 State Street,” is given in the first Albany directory.  Hosford made made organs and pianofortes in a small way in this year and as early as 1810 was known in relation to pianofortes in that city.  He was moreover a teacher and identified probably to some extent with musical progress in Albany after the beginning of the century Hosford was as far as can be ascertained the first maker of pianos in Albany although his relation to the business was of an insignificant character Nothing can be learned of his subsequent fate

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