The Dirk Knock Stone

246 This is the 1865 headstone of Dirck Knock cited in John Wolcott’s article, Albany’s Dutch Stones.  As the article notes, this is the latest stone bearing a Dutch inscription in the Church Grounds. The majority of Dutch inscriptions in the Church Grounds are found on 18th-century or early 19th-century headstones and many of them belonged to second and third generation residents of Albany who could trace their lineage back to the earliest settlers and who had retained their language well after the English took control of the city in 1664.  The Dirck Knock stone, however, was a later immigrant who came from Holland some time prior to 1853 when the city directory shows him living at 49 Howard Street.  The 1855 census lists him as “Derick Knock,” a janitor residing with his wife and mother. Also, this was fairly late for a State Street Burying Grounds interment.  By 1865, new burials had slowed dramatically as calls for the removal of the old municipal cemetery increased.  There were about eight new burials the year Dirck Knock was laid to rest and only three additional burials the following year (compared to a dozen new interments in both 1863 and 1864).

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