Featured Gravestone – The Peppenck Children

DSC00891Section:  Dutch Reformed

Material:  White marble

Marble has the usual darkening, but no serious damage is apparent.  Inscription is very legible except for the last line which is partially buried.  Headstone features an elaborate urn under the branches of a stylized willow tree.

Inscription:  Todora Peppenck Died Feby. 14, 1857.  Aged 2 years & 3 months.  Yan Peppenck Died Aug. 3, 1861.  Kinder of Yan & Grade Peppenck.

Stone is notable for its use of the word “kinder” for “children.”


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4 responses to “Featured Gravestone – The Peppenck Children

  1. karen

    I enjoy your blogs, Paula. I spend a lot of time in cemeteries in connection with my genealogy pursuits. Would you know anything about the Universalist Cemetery? There are some burials listed there in our church records – early 1850’s. I think it was possibly below Pearl Street around Franklin but have no solid information. I am guessing that they were moved to Albany Rural but cannot confirm that either.

  2. CKP

    One wonders what happened to the Peppenck family. Other than the children, on Ancestry I can only find a John Peppinck and a Johan Pappenk (possibly the same person?) in Albany. Even other variant spellings of the surname seem rare anywhere in the world, a couple others showing up on Ancestry including Papanck and Papink.

    • Hi there, my name is Wilma Peppink and the children Todora and Yan with their parents mentioned above belong to our family tree.
      Most likely father and mother were not able to read or write because the names were Theodora Peppinck, born 31 okt. 1849 in Dinxperlo, The Netherlands. She was 7 years and 3 months when she died. I love to see a church record, if you have from her dead February 14, 1857.

      Later the family moved to Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio. Here father Jan or John and mother Grada or Clara Lieber died in 1909 and 1896. They write their names Pepping by than.
      There are many sons and grandsons who move to California so almost all Californian Pepping’s relate to these emigrants who left Holland from Rotterdam in 1854.

      Love to talk about this and learn more from your knowledge!
      Wilma Peppin(c)k

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