Featured Gravestone – Penelope Denny

DSC02715Section:  Saint Peter’s Episcopal

Material: White marble

Simple stone without any ornament, typical darkening.  One finial is broken and a large piece near the base has broken off.  Inscription is very legible.

Inscriptions:  In Memory of Penelope Denny relict of Capt. John Denny of the Revolutionary Army who died January 9th, 1831, aged 73 years, 7 mos., and 8 days.

Born around 1758,  Penelope was a resident of Schenectady at the time she married John Denny there in 1770.  It has been suggested that she was a daughter of the Lydius family (marriage records spell her maiden name as “Leede”).  Her husband, John, served under Gosen Van Schaick during the Revolution.  They settled in Albany around 1799.  John appears to have died around 1812.  His widow appears in census records as keeping an inn on Eagle Street (near the present-day corner with State Street).

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