Featured Gravestone – Balthasar Lydius

DSC02698Section:  St. Peter’s Episcopal

Material:  White marble

Small, simple stone with the usual darkening from exposure.  Lower half is broken away across the last visible line of text.

Inscription:  In Memory of Balthasar Lydius who departed this life November 19, 1815, age 78 years.

Also know as Baltus, Balthasar Lydius was well-known at the time of his death as an “eccentric old bachelor” and his death marked the end of the Lydius family line in Albany. His grandfather, Domine Johannes Lydius, came from Antwerp to lead the Dutch Reformed Church here and his father, Johan Henry Lydius, was active in the fur trade between Albany and Montreal.  Bathasar’s mother, Genevieve Masse, was said to be part French and part Mohawk.  The family home where Balthasar spent much of his life stood at northeast corner of State and Pearl Streets (a plaque now marks the location of “Lydius Corner”) and Madison Avenue was formerly called  Lydius Street.

A biography of Balthasar Lydius can be found at the People of Colonial Albany project.

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