Featured Gravestone – The Burton Family

DSC01672Section:  First Universalist

Material:  White marble

Misc.:  A large rectangular slab with a deeply-carved plain border.  Contains names of three family members, but no dates.  Marble has darkened, some spotting, some chipping to upper edge, bottom edge embedded.

Inscription:  In Memory of John Burton, age __ years,  and of his wife, Deborah, Aged 63 years, and of their son, John Jackson Burton, Aged 20 years.

Interestingly, the inscription lists no dates and omits the age of John Burton entirely.  There is no further information on them in their entries in the Common Council inventory.  Census records show several Burtons residing in the area, but so far none seem to be an exact match.  Joel Munsell’s Albany Register For 1849-1850, however, does provide some details.  According to Munsell, Deborah Burton died on March 25, 1849 and the younger John the day before.  There was a cholera outbreak in Albany that same year, though most cases began to appear in the summer months.  Munsell does not mention the elder Burton.  It is possible that he died around the same time as his wife and son and that all three were early victims of that year’s cholera outbreak.

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