Featured Gravestone – Polly Davis


Section:  First Presbyterian

Material:  White marble

Misc.:  Stone has typical darkening of exposed surfaces.  Some wear to edges, especially upper right.  Inscription is very legible.  Tympanum features a slender, stylized willow arching over a large covered urn.

Inscription:  Polly Davis of Watertown (Con.) AE’d 22  Died at Albany Sept. 16, 1805.

A mortality record of Watertown, Connecticut residents dating from 1741 to 1859 lists a number of parties named Davis, some of which were likely close family to Polly (who is also included).  The Common Council inventory omits her date of death.

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One response to “Featured Gravestone – Polly Davis

  1. Toff Philippo

    The fonts used on old headstones are quite beautiful or striking in some cases. Some clever computer fontographer should create a Church Grounds collection!

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