Featured Gravestone – William and Angelina Evertson

DSC00899Section:  Dutch Reformed

Material:  Sandstone

Misc.:  Stone is in very good condition with just darkening of the surface and some lichen spotting.  Carved text is very legible.

Inscription:  In memory of William Son of Bernardus & Martina Evertson who died 18th Jan’y 1798 aged 19 years 11 months & 6 days.  Also Angelina their daughter 22nd March 1799 aged 9 years 7 months, 22 days.

William and Angelina were the children of Bernadus Evertson (also spelled Eversten) and Martina Hogan.  Bernardus was a tanner by trade, owning a tannery on Fox Street (now Sheridan Avenue, but at the time, the site of a number of tanning pits and related facilities).  William and Angelina were two of the Everston’s six children.  The Common Council inventory of 1868 indicates that Bernardus and Martina (along with another son, Jacob) were also transferred from the State Street Burying Grounds and it’s likely their stones are now in the Church Grounds as well.

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