Featured Gravestone – Byron E. Presby

Section:  Methodist Episcopal

Material:  White marble

Misc.:  Small headstone with a great deal of discoloration and wear.  Some chipping of edges and corner, lower edge partly embedded.  All text is worn, but generally legible except for an epitaph near the bottom.  Stone features a lovely floral motif showing a wilting rosebud.

Inscription:  Byron E. Presby, died February 5th, 1859, aged 2 years, 5 mos, 12 days.   Also two infants, children of Elijah & Elizabeth Presby.

A sad, but charming stone; the bud wilting before it bloods symbolizes the death of one very young.  So far, there appear to be no local records of this family, but New Hamphire census records from this era include an Elijah Presby who may be the father of Byron and the two infants who may have died without being given names.  Church records may hold more information.

Edited June 26, 2013:  The Cemetery’s burial card has a transcription of the stone showing that the final like reads Suffer the little children to come to me.

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