Featured Gravestone – William Devoe

Section:  Garretson Station Methodist Episcopal

Material:  White marble

Misc.:  Stone shows typical darkening and is broken in half; the bottom edge appears to match the top edge of the piece resting below it.  Text is legible, but the carver appears to have made a mistake and chiseled out the error.  The surname is carved directly above the “correction.”

Inscription:  William Devoe, Died 1832, Aged 43 years.

As noted above, the carver made an error in the surname, chiseled it out, and inscribed the name Devoe above.   There is a lack of dates and the stone seems to have been done rather hastily; there is a possibility that William Devoe was a victim of the cholera epidemic that struck Albany in 1832.  There is almost no other information available about this man at the moment; the Common Council inventory of graves from the Albany Methodist Episcopal congregation does list a Sarah Devoe (died 1841) as the wife of one William Devoe and a Julian (died 1836) as her daughter.  It is possible, but not yet certain if these women are connected to the same William Devoe who was originally buried with this stone.


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