Featured Gravestone – The Children of Moses Tyler

Section:  Baptist

Material:  White marble

Misc.:  A simple stone with some wear and chipping to the edges, as well as the usual darkening.  Legible text, last lines appear slightly slanted.

Inscription:  Joseph died Oct. 17, 1829, ages 3 years, 1 Mo. and 20 days, Martha Jane died Feb’y 3, 1835, aged 7 weeks, Moses Bruce died December 18, 1838, aged 4 mos and 21 days.  Children of Moses and Abigail Tyler.

Moses B. Tyler was a manufactures of stoneware, primarily the blue-trimmed buff-colored ceramic goods which were used for everything from brandy jugs to inkwell.s  He moved from Massachusetts to Albany in the early 1820s, setting up an establishment on Washington Avenue.  He formed a partnership for some years with a Charles Dillon, who would later partner with Jacob Henry.  Tyler retired from the business around 1840.  Examples of his work can be found in museum collections, including the Albany Institute of History and Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The Common Council’s inventory for this gravestone mistakenly transcribed the second date as February 9.

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