Locating The Church Grounds

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Albany Rural Cemetery Map (PDF)

The Church Grounds are located at the western edge of the Cemetery, near the end of the high Middle Ridge and adjacent to the Beth Emmeth Cemetery.  It is identified on maps such as the downloadable PDF map above as Section 49.In the past, the easiest driving route to the Grounds was the Middle Ridge Road which begins opposite the Chapel and Crematorium.  The Church Grounds are on the left just beyond the end of that road.  However, downed trees and a partial hill collapse on the north side of the Middle Ridge just west of the Burden vault have resulted in this entire road being closed to cars (though it is still very accessible on foot).  The best current route by car is to follow the North Ridge Road to its western end, turn left, follow the road down through a hollow, and look for the Church Grounds on the right hand side as the road comes back up out of this hollow.  Because most markers in the Grounds are flat, look for the taller Teunis Van Vechtan monument shown below.

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