The State Street Burying Grounds – 1857

Detail of an 1857 maps of the City of Albany showing the old State Street Burying Grounds where the majority of the Church Grounds graves were previously located.

Many of the streets shown still exist, but under new names;  Lydius Street to left  is now Madison Avenue and The Bowery at the right side of map is Central Avenue.  Turnpike in the lower left corner refers to modern Delaware Avenue and Turnpike to the right of the burying grounds on the map is now Western Avenue.  Knox Street still exists, but the portion extending through the park is a promenade (sometimes called the Knox Street Pedestrian Mall) lined with benches and trees.  Snipe Street is long gone.

Another burial ground can be seen near the  upper right of this map detail where South Robin Street intersects with the Turnpike.  Now a covered by the State University’s downtown campus, this was a cemetery for the Orphan Asylum (which later relocated to a site near the Almshouse on New Scotland Avenue at Academy Road).  Later, the Albany Rural Cemetery set aside a lot on the North Ridge for the burial of orphans.

The full map can be viewed here.

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