The Society of Friends

This granite monument near the south side of the Church Grounds marks the lot set aside for The Society of Friends.  According to the Special Report published by the Common Council at the time of the removal of all graves from the State Street Burying Grounds, the Friends required “not less than one-fourth of an acre for the future want of that Society.”

An inscription on the lower part of the monument reads, “Be still and know that I am God.”

This section of the Church Grounds contains some upright stones, a rarity in this overall section.   It is one of the smallest lots in the Church Grounds with only fourteen burials recorded in the Common Council inventory.   Surnames here include Allen, Andrews, Adams, Emes, Follett, Gould, Gurney, Lossing, Smith, Spencer, and Tallman.  The earliest grave was from 1815 and the latest from 1859.

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