Featured Gravestone – Catharine McDowl

Section:  Dutch Reformed

Material:  White marble

Misc.:  Large stone with a very clear, deeply carved inscription.  Little wear to edges, some erosion to winged face, and a crack starting from the bottom edge.

Inscription:  Here lies the body of Catharine McDowl Wife of John McDowl who departed this life Nov’r ye 30th 1790 Aged 35 years, two Months and 28 days.  How lov’d, how valu’d once avails me not, To whom related or by whom begot:  A heap of dust alone remains of me, This all I am, and all the world shall be.

Catharine McDowl may have been born Catharine Clark, daughter of merchant Peter Clark (or Clerke).  She married John McDowl in August 0f 1772.  Her husband’s surname also appears as McDowell, McDole, and Dole in various records.  During the Revolution War, John was twice suspected of harboring escaped prisoners or aiding in the escape of prisoners.  He died in 1821.  The McDowls were members of both the Dutch Reformed and Episcopal churches.

This stone features a very simple soul effigy consisting of a slightly egg-shaped face and large wings which fill much of the stone’s tympanum.

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