Featured Gravestone – Deborah Lathrop

Section:  First Presbyterian

Material:  White marble

Misc.:  Stone features a simple urn motif.  Much of this stone is sunken and embedded in the earth and it is not immediately evident how much may have broken away.  Much of the visible stone has darkened.

Inscription:  In memory of Mrs. Deborah Lathrop, relict of the late Eben. Lathrop

According to the listing in the the Common Council inventory, Mrs. Lathrop died March 29, 1814 at the age of 67.  Her husband, Ebenezer, is not listed.  There are several large Lathrop family plots in the Cemetery and he may be interred in one of them.

Edited June 26, 2013:  The Cemetery’s burial card files provide the remainder of the inscription (copied before the stone was too deeply embedded):  In memory of Mrs. Deborah Lathrop, relic of the late Eben Lathrop, who died 29 March 184 in the 67th year. 

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