Featured Gravestone – John Perkins and His Sons

Section:  First Presbyterian

Material:  White marble

Misc.:  Marble has darkened almost uniformly to gray.  Very little chipping on visible portions.  Lower part of text covered by earth as the stone’s edges are partially embedded in the ground, but can be completed from the listing on the Common Council report.  Design features stylized floral finials, draped cloth, and a carved monument.  Examples of actual monuments like the one depicted can be found in the various sections of the Rural Cemetery and include the monuments of Revolutionary War hero General Gansevoort on the Middle Ridge and bell-maker Benjamin Hanks on the North Ridge.

Inscription:  This monument is erected to the memory of John Perkins who died June 19th, 1814, aged 30 years.  Also George H. died May 7th, 1812, aged 15 months.  George A. died April 7, 1814, aged 9 months.  Children of John and Almira Perkins.

I have not found a monument for Almira Perkins; she may have remarried.  A very cursory scan of genealogical resources indicates her maiden name may have been Phelps.  I have not yet found any biographical information on John Perkins.


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  1. D. Perkins

    Gravestone of Almira Perkins , wife of John Perkins

    John Perkins & Almira Phelps were married Jan. 12th, 1806 at the 1st Presbyterian Church of Troy, NY

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