Featured Gravestone – Caroline Pennie

Section:  St. Peter’s Episcopal

Material:  White Marble

Misc.:  This stone features a very distinctive example of a late soul effigy.  These winged skull or cherub heads had generally gone out of style by the early 1800s.  This is the latest one found here so far.  The face is somewhat weathered, but very expressive.  Marble has darkened, but is in relatively good condition.  Lower part of the stone was probably cut away when it was removed from the State Street Burying Grounds, but the inscription is complete.

Inscription:  In memory of Caroline, wife of Amos C. Pennie, daughter of Daniel & Hannah Wall, died December 15, 16, 1851, aged 25 years.  Also thire infant daughter Ann.  They sleep but we do not forget them.

Note that the carver misspelled the word their as thire.  I have found little information on Caroline, only that her death was briefly noted in Joel Munsell’s Annals of Albany which often drew on newspapers (including death notices) for information.  Amos Pennie served in the Civil War as records show that, at thirty-five, he enlisted on April 20, 1861 and served until May 21, 1863.

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