Featured Gravestone: James Upfold

Section:  St. Peter’s Episcopal

Material:  Brown sandstone

Misc.:  Thick, narrow stone with minor chipping around edges.  Bottom has pockmark-like pattern on the left and a pattern of diagonal lines on the right, possibly marks made when the stone was first cut or during its removal from the State Street Burying Grounds.  Lettering is readable, some obscuring by lichens in a few places.

Inscription:  In memory of James son of George and Mary Upfold from Guildford in the County of Surry in England who departed this life Aug. 23rd 1804 aged 4 year & 8 months & 16 days.

It’s interesting to note that “Surrey” is spelled without an “e” on this stone.  There is no James or Mary Upfold listed in the Common Council inventory, but there is a listing for a George Upfold with no dates and only the notation “Stone sunk.”  It may very well be that the listing refers to this stone and that, at the time, only that part of the inscription was visible.

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