Featured Gravestone – Maria Dow

Section:  Dutch Reformed

Material:  Brown sandstone

Misc.:  Stone appears to have a substantial piece broken from the right side.  Upper portion has also broken away, but the portion of carving visible suggests that this stone originally had a soul effigy; the carving appears to be the lower part of a wing.   The surviving text, however, is deeply carved and legible.  Incomplete, but interesting example of an inscription in Dutch.

Inscription:  Hier Ligh Maria Dow Johannes Ganse Heere Ontslaepe Augustus 1759 (incomplete word) 7 Maend

Maria Dow or Douw was the wife of Albany brewer Johannes Gansevoort.  She was born in 1725 to Petrus Douw and Anna Van Rennselaer.  Married in 1750, Maria had four children before her death in 1759.

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