Featured Gravestone – William Scorsby

Section:  St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

Material:  White marble

Misc:  A very simple stone with upper half of text in script, lower half in plain block lettering.  Marble has darken to gray and there is minor chipping around the edges, but slab is in otherwise very good condition and extremely legible with just the lower edge embedded in the earth.

Inscription:  This Stone indicates the temporary resting place of William Scorsby, Native of England, Died May 3, 1852:  Aged 37 Yrs..

The 1844-5 edition of Hoffman’s Albany City Directory lists a William Scorsby as a carpenter living at 162 South Pearl Street and his name appears on naturalization documents held by the Albany County Hall of Records; he appears to have filed a Declaration of Intent in 1849.  He appears in the 1850 census as a resident of the city’s 1st Ward with his wife, Elizabeth, and a nine year old son, also named William.

Baptismal records from Scarborough, England show a William Scorsby was christened there on October 2, 1814.  If this is the same William, his parents were Matthew and Martha.

It is interesting that his gravestone notes “a temporary resting place” which could suggest that there were plans to have William Scorsby’s remains returned to his native England.  His resting place was indeed temporary as he was among those moved from St. Peter’s lot at the State Street Burying Grounds to the Rural Cemetery.

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