Featured Gravestone – Elizabeth Hagarty

Section:  Dutch Reformed

Material:  Brown sandstone

Misc:  Lower half of the stone appears to have been embedded in the earth or broken away.  Also, a piece has broken away at the upper right.  Heavy lichen patches, but a very legible inscription.  This stone features a soul effigy in very good condition with a somber moon-like face, slightly bulging eyes, pursed lips, and well-feathered wings.

Inscription:  In Memory of Elizabeth Hagarty Wife of William Hagarty who departed this life January 8, 1792 

(According to a list of transcribed inscriptions from the Dutch Reformed  burial grounds printed in Volume Six of Joel Munsell’s Annals of Albany,  the last line of carving read aged 34 years, 7 m.)

I have seen very little biographical information on Elizabeth Hagarty, but records show that William served in the 13th Regiment of the Albany County Militia during the Revolutionary War.

A closer view of the soul effigy:

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