Featured Gravestone – Andrew Abel

Section:  Dutch Reformed

Material:  Brown sandstone

Misc.:  Small, faint carvings can be see at the bottom edge of the stone (which would have been underground when the stone was upright in its original location) and include the number 73.

Inscription:  In Memory of Andrew Abel who departed this life October 5th 1793  Aged 48 years and 11 Days

This stone has some minor damage to the lower half and some minor scaling of the stone the beginning of the last line of text, but is very legible.

Andrew Abel was born in Hanover, Germany and emigrated to Albany sometime prior to 1768 when the first local written record of him appears.  Abel served as a constable and firemaster in Albany where he married Anna Marshall in 1771.  He also served as an apprentice to shoemaker Jacob Groesbeck.

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