Welcome to a new blog focusing on the Church Grounds section of the historic Albany Rural Cemetery.

If you’ve come here from one of my existing blogs or social media profiles, you might know that I’ve been working on a book about the Albany Rural Cemetery.  In the course of my research for the book, I’ve been increasingly fascinated by an area known as the Church Grounds.

It’s not the Cemetery’s most spectacular areas, but this unassuming field of headstones has become one of my favorites and one that will have its own chapter in my book.

This section contains graves moved from other resting places; primarily the State Street Burying Grounds, but including headstones from even older churchyards with some of the earliest stones dating back to the 1720s.

These stones are old and many have already weathered to illegibility, but those than can be read are a treasure trove of local history and it is my goal to document as much of the Church Grounds as possible.

This project is in its earliest stages as we begin 2012, but I will be updating this blog with photos, articles, and other findings as the project  progress.

For more information, please see the menu above the banner and select About or The Project.

Thanks for visiting and check back often.

Happy New Year!


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